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Four Signs Your IT Infrastructure Needs a Refresh

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Nothing lasts forever. This truism also applies to your IT infrastructure. Technology advances at lightning speeds, making it difficult for aging servers and systems, cobbled networks, and stale strategies to meet the changing needs of a modern organization. Disruptive technologies including mobile, social, analytics, and cloud are forcing companies to rethink their approaches. IT’s ability to adapt to new initiatives and trends while folding in forward-looking provisions for suppliers, branches, devices (BYOD), accessibility, and role management is key to longevity and success.

Here are four strong indicators that it's time for a refresh.

  • >Poor, sluggish performance: You want a profitable, competitive business but your IT base is wearing thin. Imagine your infrastructure as a new pair of jeans. In the 80’s you rocked those jeans, and they fit like a glove. Today, those same jeans would have gone through dozens of patches, three new zippers, and fading beyond recognition. And that's assuming they still fit. As the number of connected devices increase, companies must find ways to manage the influx of data from ever-increasing sources. According to Statista, some forecasts put the number of IoT connected devices worldwide as high as 31 billion by 2020.




This data deluge requires scalable storage, processing power, and speed that enables easy access to organizational assets and IT services anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

  • > You have separate systems and applications for everything: Information sits in one place that you wish was accessible in another. What was once a boon is now a bane with unforeseen and growing layers of complexity. These once tenable solutions have little to offer the modern organization because they don't communicate with each other resulting in limited insights and grave inefficiencies. Leading companies stay competitive by integrating platforms and applications that enable real-time decision making and maximize their return on IT investments.


  • >You have diminished control of IT operations: Administration, upgrades, security patches, identifying vulnerabilities--rinse and repeat. There's no time for innovation when resources are continually making ad hoc fixes to recurring issues and threats versus being proactive. Are adequate resources allocated to supporting your IT operations? Is your IT staff complying with standards and procedures? Delivering the right set of services at the right time and of the best quality is table stakes for not only the organization but for customers too.


  • >It is difficult or impossible to add new functionality: If your company has been around for more than two decades, chances are you've racked up multiple systems and applications that are cumbersome to navigate and manage. Modernizing aging IT systems is a huge undertaking, time consuming, and equally costly without adequate resources. Working with the right partner can improve the transformation process significantly, reduce costs, and renew your investments with little-to-no disruption of the business.

In the end, the successful businesses will invest heavily in advanced technologies, evolve their strategies, and modernize their systems to keep pace with rapid change. From custom software and mobile applications hyper-converged infrastructures, it will be easy to differentiate the leaders from the laggards. Consumers and talent alike will be drawn to the companies that stand out.

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