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Weighing the Prospects and Perils of Enterprise Mobility’s Mainstream Takeover

Like most business buzzwords, “enterprise mobility” isn’t new and leaders often use the term in passing with little regard for its true implications. Despite the fact that many executives...

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Will Artificial Intelligence Help or Hurt the Modern Marketer?

When analysts and executives discuss the implications of artificial intelligence technology, many still envision the futuristic world portrayed in Steven Spielberg’s “A.I. Artificial...

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3 Steps to Better B2B eBusiness Customer Engagement

Customer engagement begets customer retention. However, as competition throughout the B2B space continues to ramp up, customer satisfaction and loyalty can be difficult to maintain. Businesses...

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9 Questions to Ask Your Enterprise Collaboration Solution Provider

According to Gartner, 80% of large and midsize organizations in mature regions will have deployed one or more content collaboration platforms as part of a content productivity and collaboration...

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What Goes Up? Bringing the Cloud Back Down to Earth

Computers weren’t always personal. Long before the average customer could carry the entire Web in their back pocket, these revolutionary devices consumed entire rooms. They might seem like...

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